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    What is a DDoS attack? How to Prevent It? The Definitive Solution!

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    • Crabs Media
    • Pazartesi, Mart 22, 2021
    • What is a DDoS attack? How to Prevent It? The Definitive Solution! için yorumlar kapalı

    What is a DDoS attack? How is It Solved? The Definitive Solution!

    DDoS, Distributed Network Attacks, are commonly known by the name Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks. Such attacks take advantage of certain capacity limits that apply to any network resource, such as the infrastructure that provides a company’s website. A DDoS attack aims to send multiple requests to the attacked web resource, exceeding the website’s capacity to process a large number of requests and preventing it from working correctly, as well as dropping it from the Google ranking. During DDoS attacks, the CPU power is 100% and the hosting company cannot solve this.

    Among the typical targets of DDoS attacks are the following Decrees:
    Internet shopping sites
    Websites with a Good Ranking
    Any business or organization that relies on providing online services(Hosting Companies)
    Online Betting Sites

    How does a DDoS attack work?

    The number of requests that network resources, such as web servers, can serve simultaneously is limited. In addition to the capacity limit of the server, the channel connecting the server to the Internet also has a limited bandwidth/October capacity. Every time the number of requests exceeds the capacity limit of any component in the infrastructure, the service level most likely encounters one of the following problems:

    Responses to requests are much slower than usual. In fact, the site will never open.

    Some (or all) user requests may be completely ignored.

    Usually, the main goal of the attacker is to completely block the normal operation of the web resource, that is, to provide a complete “denial of service”. The attacker is based on the sites that appear on the first page on google, his main goal is to lower them from these rankings and cause serious damage to site traffic. In some cases, a DDoS attack may also be an attempt to damage the reputation of a rival company or damage its business.

    Using a Botnet “zombie network” to conduct a DDoS attack

    A cybercriminal sets up a “zombie network” consisting of computers, from which he usually spreads viruses, in order to send an extraordinary number of requests to the targeted source. Due to the fact that the criminal can control the actions of all infected computers in the zombie network, the size of the attack can lead to an overload of the victim’s web resources.

    The current state of DDoS threats in 2024

    in the mid-2000s, such criminal activities were quite common. However, the number of successful DDoS attacks is decreasing. This decrease in DDoS attacks is most likely due to:

    How Does Malware Infiltrate Systems?

    What is a Trojan Horse?
    Computer Aggression
    Small-Scale Theft
    Spam and Identity Theft
    How Do We Protect Ourselves From DDoS Attacks? What is the Solution? The Definitive Solution!

    What is a DDoS attack so far?, we have learned the answers to many questions, such as which sites are built, which methods are used, how they work. Now let’s come to the main problem, as Krabs Media, we have created a definitive solution against DDoS attacks! And we started to implement it.

    Companies like Cloudflare are trying to prevent attacks by creating only an attack mode and making an ip filter, but it is not a permanent solution! Based on our companies that are on the first page on Google, we are moving forward in a completely harmless way with this protection method that we apply. Contact us for the Exact Solution!

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