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    • Crabs Media
    • Pazartesi, Haziran 29, 2015
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    One of the most curious questions today, when our habits are changing and information consumption is happening as fast as possible, is “What is Social Media?” is the question. We can call social media, which everyone interprets according to themselves and adds meaning, an information and content platform consisting of elements that make our lives easier and faster in general.

    Social Media; in the most general sense, it is a digital platform where simultaneous information sharing is followed, which is captured with the user-friendliness and communication speed brought by new generation web technologies. In the digital age, where many people are mobile and online, Social Media, which creates a free and original discussion ground without sharing and communication limits, is extremely important in terms of brand and corporate positioning as well as personal and individual communication.

    In terms of the interaction it provides, it also opens its doors wide in terms of education, research and information provision. The transformation that we call Transmedia promises to be faster than expected, “the digital medium that has entered our lives with the technology of our era will replace other traditional media”. The institutions / brands that can keep up with this transformation will have provided the investment of the next 10 years with the momentum they have captured. Until this transformation is replaced by new communication platforms.

    Social Media consists of content, every information is a content, every content is a source…

    Social Media is a living platform unlike traditional media. The biggest difference from newspapers, TV and other printed media is the simultaneous sharing of information. The level of interaction brought by two-way communication is far ahead of traditional media. For this reason, it is often preferred by brands today.

    The budget rates allocated to digital channels are increasing every year.Considering it as a new formation, social media has a great impact on society Decently and there are differences in usage rates depending on the culture and living conditions between countries. Social media usage rates continue to increase in our country. When we take a look at the latest statistics, Turkey is ranked in the European ranking in social media usage rates.

    Sharing information on Social Media takes place without any cost and reaches a very wide audience instantly. We can also use the analogy of the power of communication for social media.

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