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  • Crabs Media
  • Pazartesi, Haziran 29, 2015
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One of the most intriguing questions in the present day when our habits are changing and information is consumed at a rapid rate is ‘What is Social Media?’. Social media, which everyone interprets in their own fashion and gives meaning to, can be called an information and content platform that consists of elements that make our lives easier and faster. Social Media in the most general sense is a digital platform where information is shared simultaneously with the ease and communication speed brought by new generation web technologies. The Social Media which establishes a free and original discourse platform for unlimited sharing and communication in the digital age which accommodates numerous mobile and online individuals is not only very important for individuals but for the positioning of brands and organizations as well. In terms of the interaction it provides, it opens its doors wide to providing education, research opportunities and information. The transformation we call transmedia, ‘the replacement of other traditional platforms with the digital platform that has entered our lives with modern technology’ is taking place faster than expected. The organizations / brands that can keep up with this transformation will have invested for the next 10 years with the momentum they have captured. Until this transformation is replaced by new communication platforms.

Social Media consists of content, every information is content, every content is a resource …

Social Media is a living platform different from traditional media. The biggest difference from newspapers, TV and other printed media is simultaneous information sharing. The level of interaction with bidirectional communication is far ahead of the traditional media. Therefore, it is frequently preferred by brands today. Every year the percentage of the budget allocated to digital channels increases.

When it is considered as a new formation, social media has a great impact on society and differences in usage rates are observed depending on the transnational culture and living conditions. Social media usage rates in Turkey continue to rise. A review of recent statistics on social media usage rate, Turkey is included in the European rankings.

Information is shared on the Social Media at no cost and reaches very large audiences instantly. Social media can be likened to the power of communication.

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