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    SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

    Siteye gitmek için tıklayınız.
    • Crabs Media
    • Pazartesi, Haziran 29, 2015
    • SEO (Search Engine Optimization) için yorumlar kapalı

    Your website can be extremely satisfying both in terms of its design and content, and you may be getting an influx of visitors by thousands of people who know the address of your site. But are you going to ignore the millions of people who don’t know the address of your site? Dec. In this quick start guide, you will learn the basics of search engine optimization and find the Dec Decals that need to be considered to increase the ranking of your page on the search engine results pages.

    Before we start, there is a point that we should mention that no SEO technique will put you at the top overnight. Getting a place in the top rankings in search engines through SEO is a long and Deceptive process. Definitely do not be intimidated and much more importantly, do not resort to SEO Deceptions called black hat seo techniques that search engines can notice in a short time.

    Although these techniques provide you with positive returns in a short period of time, search engines will notice this after a while and remove your site from their databases. Dec. You wouldn’t want that, would you? Stay calm, take it slow, be honest and expect to get results.

    What is SEO?

    Dec.Dec. Search Engine Optimization (Dec.Dec. Search Engine Optimization) is the generic name given to a series of operations performed to get top positions when searching for targeted search words on search results. Being on the second and third pages in the search results does not give you much return, because many people are satisfied Dec Dec with the results that appear on the first page of the search results.

    In general, everyone wants to be on the first page or even the first row of the first page in the results of searches for the keyword they are targeting. However, in order to achieve this, you need to optimize your site and code accordingly.

    Choose the Right Keywords;
    Choosing the right keywords varies depending on the content of your site, but it is either very easy or a process that requires extreme caution. In general, you may need to avoid keywords that everyone can search for in the short term, because it is quite difficult to get good rankings for these keywords, but it is not impossible.

    It is recommended that you define your keywords with as sharp boundaries as necessary. For example, if you have a shoe store operating in Izmir, the keywords you might want to target should be “shoe izmir” or “izmir shoemaker”.

    In general, optimizing for the keywords “shoes” or “cobbler” will not bring you much profit. Research your keywords. Know which ones will be searched by most Internet users and start your studies from that point.

    Choosing the Right Domain Name;
    Actually, this is the hard part of the job. If possible, make sure that some of the keywords you are targeting are included in the domain name where your website is located. www.webtasarimizmir.com the domain name, in the eyes of search engines, Dec. www.firmaismi.com it will be more valuable than the domain name.

    But it’s hard to get a domain name with the right keywords, and when you find that domain name, firmaismi.com it will have a more ugly appearance compared to the domain name. But despite this, the presence of the keywords you are targeting in your domain name has a very high amount of importance in terms of SEO.

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