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    Instagram Blue Tick Confirmation

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    instagram mavi tik onaylatma
    • Crabs Media
    • Pazartesi, Haziran 22, 2020
    • Instagram Blue Tick Confirmation için yorumlar kapalı

    Instagram Blue Tick Confirmation

    Instagram Blue Tick Approval; The actions taken to protect and copy the rights on Instagram are called Instagram account approval. At the end of the transaction, there is a blue tick mark next to the username on the account. I have been using my personal account approved for a long time. I wanted to write this post because I have received a lot of questions from users who want to have an approved account.

    The social media application Instagram actually gives blue ticks to well-known people in its field in many categories. The most important point here is how you position yourself on the social network.

    For example, when you ask for verification as a ”well-known person”, it is checked whether you are really a well-known person. It is important whether there are news about you in the press and the intensity of these news. Even if you have thousands of followers, Instagram will not approve you as a “well-known person”.

    How to apply for blue teak?

    When you fulfill all the conditions we ask you to fulfill, the mavi tek application is made by us without asking for your password. Approval is usually received within 1 hour. Pay is completed by taking half of the work when starting the job, and the other half after the job is completed.

    What you need to pay attention to in order to get blue teak

    Your profile information must be completely edited. Your website and email should be included in your profile. An email with a domain extension will be more effective for corporate applicants.
    Your Instagram account must be connected to Facebook.
    Avoid making fraudulent transactions on your account. Do not share your account password with third-party applications that have the ability to like, comment, and interact.
    Avoid buying fake followers and likes.
    Share original content and keep your account active.
    Create sponsored posts and interact with other accounts to increase your interactions.

    Don’t fall for the blue tick scammers!

    Blue teak, which we usually see in the corporate accounts of famous people and brands, means prestige and trust for many people. People with followers above a certain number want to have an approved account for this reason.

    However, scammers who want to abuse this situation can claim that they can get blue teak for very high amounts and can scam famous people and people with high-follower accounts.

    As I explained above, it is enough to request verification through the application in order to have an approved account. Anyone who wishes can apply for verification, but this does not mean that the account of everyone who applies will be verified.

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