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    How Does a Google Remarketing Ad Benefit the Promotion of Your Brand?

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    • Crabs Media
    • Perşembe, Nisan 27, 2017
    • How Does a Google Remarketing Ad Benefit the Promotion of Your Brand? için yorumlar kapalı

    Wherever you go, if you see ads related to a pair of shoes that have recently attracted attention, you are the target of remarketing. Remarketing is an excellent tool for increasing conversions and online brand awareness. For this reason, in this article we will show you how to set up remarketing campaigns.

    What is Remarketing Again?

    Google AdWords remarketing is a Google display advertising network that targets people who visit your website with display ads that were previously shown on other websites within it.
    Goals that you may want to achieve with a Google AdWords remarketing campaign may include;
    Target previous visitors who have not completed the purchase
    Encourage previous visitors to make repeat purchases
    Learn more about your brand with display ads on the Internet

    What Makes AdWords Remarketing Successful?

    Remarketing helps you to gain additional conversion to previous visitors who already know you and are interested in the product you offer October, as well as awareness of your brand on the Internet. There are various reasons why these visitors have not converted. One of the biggest advantages of remarketing advertising is that it pays only for clicks on the ad and reduces the cost.

    Creating an AdWords Remarketing Ad

    There are three basic components of the setup to create and activate a remarketing ad for your Google AdWords account. The first step is to build an audience for remarketing. This remarketing audience is used to pool website visitors who can then be remarketed.

    The audience, called a “remarketing list”, is actually a collection of users created based on the requirements set by an advertiser. The second step is to create a remarketing campaign in your Google AdWords account.

    Creating this type of campaign is similar to the standard campaign settings in AdWords. Finally, advertisers need to add a series of text or image ads to the created campaign.

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