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    Google Premier Partner

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    google premier partner
    • Crabs Media
    • Perşembe, Eylül 29, 2016
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    Google Premier Partner – Crabs Media

    Crabs Media, which has been continuing its work since 2007 until today, continues to offer solutions to you with its professional and certified expert team. Krabs Media provides customers with high-quality digital advertising solutions that they need to achieve their business goals. Krabs Media, which has a perfect and uninterrupted service understanding in the digital advertising sector, is moving towards becoming a global brand that leads the industry.

    Crabs Media has taken its place among the agencies with the Premier Google Partner Decertification, which is valid all over the world and is an indicator of expertise. This premier badge, which is only owned by 5 agencies in Turkey, is given by Google only to agencies with high experience. Thus, Crabs Media is a Premier Google Partner, meeting additional certification requirements and receiving October support from Google.

    As the holder of the Premier Google Partner badge, Krabs Media manages an average annual Google AdWords advertising budget of TL 3 million as of 2016. In addition, it also carries out Google AdWords and social media advertising and applications for about 200 businesses. It is an honor and happiness for Krabs Media to be among the numbered agencies in Turkey and to be seen among Decently experienced agencies.

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