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    Google 4. He also published the quarterly report.

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    google rapor
    • Crabs Media
    • Salı, Haziran 30, 2015
    • Google 4. He also published the quarterly report. için yorumlar kapalı

    Google 4. He also published the quarterly report. It announced revenue of $ 16.86 billion in the last quarter. Google’s CEO Larry Page stated that his revenues increased by 22%. The only negative point of Google is the decrease in profitability due to the damage caused by Motorola.

    Google, which has the largest share in the online advertising Sunday, is 3. The financial report for the quarter showed a profit of $ 11.92 billion. A noteworthy point in the report is that the fee per click decreased by 11% compared to the same period last year and by 2% compared to the previous period.

    Despite the decrease in cost per click(CPC), google’s advertising revenues increased from $43.686 billion to $50.578 billion. Sunday Sunday, although there is no published report on the growth of the internet advertising market in 2013, the fact that Facebook increased its advertising revenues by 55% and Google increased this figure by 33% shows important points in terms of the growth rates in the internet advertising market.

    Google 4. To access the quarter report Click.

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