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Facebook Ads.

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  • Crabs Media
  • Pazartesi, Haziran 29, 2015
  • Facebook Ads. için yorumlar kapalı

With the responsibility of being a company open to the stock market, the growing Facebook advertising product is going to improvement. The first question when placing an advertisement on Facebook now will be “What is your goal?”

The innovation Facebook has called objective-based advertising has been developed through interviews, feedback and analysis with advertisers. Now, when you are advertising, you choose one of the targets such as attracting traffic to the website, liking the page, downloading the application, providing application interaction and getting a return to the activities. The new infrastructure also takes the position of Facebook advertisements into consideration. You can see which ad is more effective in which position and ads will be updated according to this result. They will also be visible in the new columns added to the target-oriented transformation measurement pages.

Facebook wanted advertisers to reach their goals more efficiently so in their earlier update, Facebook had removed online offers, sponsored results and question ads. I think that the baseline core problem will provide a performance boost with this new update, especially for novice advertisers. Some advertisers also criticize Facebook’s ad performance. Even though the digital advertising market carries a search engine banner, social media networks are constantly renewing themselves and offering different options.

You can launch sponsored ads which are the first and generally known advertising models of Facebook with a budget of 100TL. In Facebook.com, it is enough to have an ad title, ad body text and a product or service image appear in the ad sections on the right.

We are able to target users in Facebook sponsored advertising areas. With this targeting, you can identify the target audience and users to show your ads to. This ad model, which can be done using cookie tracking technology, captures users who have previously visited your Web site for any reason in Facebook and starts showing your ads.

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