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  • Crabs Media
  • Pazartesi, Haziran 29, 2015
  • E-Mail Services için yorumlar kapalı

E-mail is a digital letter sent over the internet. It is an acronym of the electronic mail concept. Visually it does not differ from a paper letter in a major way. Any type of file such as pictures, music, videos can be attached to E-mails and transferred to the recipient’s computer. Billions of e-mails are sent around the world every day. It is more widely used than paper letters due to its affordability and ease of use, however, its use in official business is rather limited due to its insufficient reliability.

E-mail accounts can be opened free of charge from various sites that provide this service or for a certain fee. E-mail addresses are comprised of the user name, address mark, name of the e-mail server of the site where the account was created, dot (.) and the extension of the site without leaving any gaps.

Sender or From: The name and address of the sender of the message. Although it appears automatically as the name of the person, it is possible to send with the name of another person.

Recipient or To : The name and address of the recipient. Indicates to whom the message was sent. It is possible to send the message to more than one contact by placing “, ”comma between the message location. If your location does not appear, it may be concealed by BCC

Subject: The header summarizing the message is usually remembered later and helps to separate messages. Ethics is recommended.

Date: The local date and time when the message was sent. Typically, the server or messaging program that sends it automatically adds this time. Sometimes a new message may appear to be old, when the time and day setting is corrupted.

Message body (Body): The message itself and the user signature in general.

Carbon Copy (CC, Carbon Copy): Allows the message to be sent to other recipients in addition to the originally sent person. The message does not address the people that are written here directly, the message has been sent to these people for information purposes.

BCC, Blind Carbon Copy: Also known as Closed Carbon Copy. Recipients written here do not appear in the message. Ethically it is appropriate to use this area for informal messages sent to many people. This type of recipient concealing also protects against spam.

(Reply): To reply to a message from a specific location. The recipient will automatically receive the message from the sender. It is one of the most used functions.

Reply All: Used to send the reply message to all items written in To: and CC: of the incoming message. It is one of the most abused functions. In general, all locations are open and the message is sent unnecessarily to all locations. It is a mechanism used by viruses entering the computer.

Forward (Fwd): Allows an incoming message to be forwarded to another location.

Attachment: Files sent as an attachment to the text. Files are encoded by Base64 before they are added. A variety of formats can be added, including audio, image, video and text. It is one of the major propagation pathways of viruses.

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